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"Our leadership needs to do a better job of listening, providing a platform so that each and every one of our students can thrive and have a successful experience. We need to do a better job of engaging our entire community, working together and advocating for our students, staff, administrators and teachers."

"Our community is concerned about providing avenues for immediate intervention when challenges arise, be it learning challenges or support structures like kids club.  The systems are in place, but we need to do a better job of listening so that we accommodate the needs of our families and students"

"We have a great public school system here in Edina, but there is still room for improvement.  I'd like to see diversity of thought encouraged, embrace all perspectives, develop well rounded children while elevating test scores.  We can leave outside influence behind and maximize every learners potential."

  • With over twenty-five years experience as a teacher in the Robbinsdale school district, Christina understands what is effective in the classroom.  She currently works as a national education consultant developing best practice solutions in education nationwide. 

  • Christina is a twenty-five year resident of Edina.  All three of her kids graduated from Edina Public Schools.